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Worcester Ramblers Logo Volunteers Needed
to form a team, to man stalls at Recuitment Events


 Our Recruitment Events Co-ordinator, Fil Williams, is compiling a list of names of persons who may be willing to offer support at a variety of recruitment events.

Attending an event will usually entail manning a publicity stall for a limited period of time and with other members of Worcester Ramblers. You would be required to promote rambling as a beneficial activity as well as stating the advantages of being a member of both the local and national organisations.

Fil is in the process of arranging the groups' involvement in three events over the summer and it would be helpful to have a team of persons whom she can call upon when dates and times can be clarified.

Inclusion in the team is purely for administrative purposes and committment to attending any event will be subject to the members own availability.
Please contact Fil Williams via the contact us page if you wish to offer your support.

Thank you in anticipation



Worcester Ramblers Logo Cotswold Outdoors 'Boot Clinic'
Thursday 6th April at Cotswold Outdoor store, Wychbold

From 18:30 until 20:00

Discount on boots and socks 20%

Trained staff will be in hand to help with problems with existing footwear and to help fitting for new boots.

Thank you to those who have responded to the earlier notice regarding this. If there is anyone else who is interested but haven't notified me, can they please get in touch with Derek Horner via the contact us page so that the store have an indication of numbers.
Thank you
Worcester Ramblers Logo  Group Treasurer Found


Click on image to get role description 


Worcester Ramblers Group Treasurer 

Marian Carr has generously agreed to become our groups new treasurer, taking over from Kath, effective as soon as possible.

For those of you who don't know, Marian was the previous treasurer before Kath, (some 3-4 years ago), so she knows the ropes well and is happy to take the role on again now that she has retired from work.

I'm sure you will welcome Marian on board again and give her any support she might need.

Worcester Ramblers Logo Group walk wear

Group Walk Wear

Hoodies - zipped or pullover.

Orders now being taken until 28th April. Order forms available from Annette Doyle. She has some samples of both ordinary hoodies (£18) and zipped hoodies (£22). Available in 7 colours.
Worcester Ramblers logo will be embroidered

Please get in touch with Annette (Group walk wear) via the contact us page.


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Recruitment Events Coordinator

Volunteer Found

We are delighted to announce that Fil Williams has volunteered to take on the post of recruitment events coordinator with immediate effect.

The main tasks for the role include:

  • Identifying  a list of local events, fairs, organisations, public places (e.g. market places, popular walking locations)  etc. suitable for deployment of publicity stands and materials

  • Scheduling a rolling programme from within this list for the Worcester Group to attend

Fil will gradually pick up the contacts and activities associated with our previous rather piecemeal approach to recruitment events and will be looking for new sources of inspiration.

Ideally, we would like to build up to (say) six regular worthwhile events per year although of course we have precious few funds to support these initiatives so will need to partner and 'piggy back' in creative ways!

If you have any suggestions for suitable events or locations (preferably within our Group member catchment area) or would be prepared to be on a volunteer stand manning list, could you please contact Fil via the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website.

I am sure that you will all give Fil the thanks, encouragement and support that she deserves for offering this contribution to our Group.


Worcester Ramblers Logo  Walking Library
    Worcester Ramblers are increasingly acquiring maps and trail guides that have been sourced through the use of Group funds and are therefore Group assets.

Access to these will be made available to our members for individual’s use on a temporary basis.

If you are a Worcester Group member or leader, you can borrow the item for three weeks by contacting Heather Fraser.

The initial stock will obviously be modest but should build up over time.

Terms of Reference

1. Available to Worcester Ramblers members and Worcester Ramblers leaders only.

2. Maps and Guides loan period of three weeks.

3. Associated maps if available to be available for use on recce initiative & support on the ground days.

4. It is requested that damaged or lost items should be replaced.

5. If you have any maps or trail guides that are current but surplus to your own requirements, please contact Heather to let her know.

6. Group “Librarian” Heather Fraser can be contacted
via the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website.


Worcester Ramblers Logo  Well done to the Festival of Winter Walks supporters

Raggedstone Hill bagged
Photograph taken by Derek H
  The Festival of Winter Walks ran from Saturday 17th December to Sunday 8th January 2017 and was extremely well supported by Worcester group leaders with a choice of 16 walk options being offered by 13 different leaders.

The walks varied in length from 5 to 11 miles, so there was something to suit everyone. All walks went ahead, Sally expected to cancel her walk following heavy rain but three participants enjoyed a speedy five mile jaunt. The largest party saw 30 walkers turn up.

Over 120 walkers participated over the three week period, of which 13 were from other groups and 21 visitors. The full walk statistics are available on this attachment.

A big thank you to Derek for gleaning the walks, the walks leaders and everyone that has supported and promoted this event on behalf of Worcester group.

And the good news is that three walk attendees have since joined the Worcester Ramblers.

Worcester Ramblers Logo  Working Party Reports

  Working Party at Bredon Hill - 14th February 2017

Doug and the team and the newly errected gate at Bredon Hill.

  Working Party at Dodford - 24th January 2017

Thank you to all who volunteered on Tuesday to replace and add new steps on the permissive path at Dodford Inn together with adding anti slip on a stile and bridge. This was part of the Royal Hunters Walks. We will be in touch regarding the next work party as soon as a date is set. Also a big thank you to the Dodford Inn for supplying extremely good beer gratis to all six volunteers.
  Working Party at Norton - 13th December 2016

The bridleway clearance at Norton today required
some heavy duty strimming action.
A big thank you to Doug and the team.
 If you would like to join in the working party activities
contact Doug F via the Contact Us page

Worcester Ramblers Logo  72 Steps -  A Salute to our Working Party

Worcester Ramblers, or more specifically, the working party team of Worcester Ramblers have been formally acknowledged by Ramblers UK Head office for the work that they did at Southstone Rock. They have released a pamphlet detailing the 9 mile circular walk, which also describes how a neglected footpath, inaccessible for nearly 30 years, was recovered and reopened by the volunteer team from Worcester with support from their local countryside

services. The Southstone Rock path is a shining example of what footpath maintenance teams can do when supplied with the tools and equipment to unblock pathways, discover new routes and push forward to protect our rights of way.

The 2016 Big Pathwatch, which launches on Monday 14th November, is a follow up initiative from last years event, publishes a report on what was achieved last year and shines a light on footpath maintenance: it hopes to invoke many more examples of the kind of work that was, and still is, being undertaken by our Working Party team.

So Thank You.

To download a copy of the Southstone Rock walk/pamphlet click here



Worcester Ramblers Logo  Cotswold Way & Cotswold Way Highlights

Booking is now open for the first four dates.

To avoid disappointment BOOK and PAY early to guarantee your place on the coach.

25th February 2017.

Cotswold Way Trail from Chipping Campden to Stanway (12 miles) or

Shorter Highlight walk from Fish Hill to Stanway (8 miles).

25th March 2017.

Cotswold Way Trail from Stanway to Cleeve Hill (12 miles) or

Shorter Highlight walk from Stanway to Winchcombe (7 miles)

29th April 2017.

Cotswold Way Trail from Cleeve Hill to Crickley Hill (13.5 miles) or

Shorter Highlight walk from Dowdeswell Reservoir to Crickley Hill (8 miles)

20th May 2017.

Cotswold Way Trail from Crickley Hill to pub near Edge (11 miles) or

Shorter Highlight walk from Air Balloon near Birdlip to Painswick (9 miles)

The meeting point for the Coach is the Worcester Countryside Centre, Wildwood Drive, Worcester WR5 2LG at 8.00am. This early start is to take into account the daylight hours and travelling time.

Please send your name, dates and walk type (i.e. trail or short) which you are booking to Heather F (on contact list) and pay £9 per person per walk to the Treasurer, Jane at
Please quote reference surname/cway when paying directly into the Worcester Ramblers bank account. If you don’t know the account details contact Heather, Jane or any of the committee members.


Worcester Ramblers Logo  Worcester Ramblers on facebook

Following a discussion at the Annual General Meeting in November 2016, Worcester Ramblers has ventured into the world of social media. It's really important for the future of the group that our activities are visible on as many media platforms as possible. So please invite your friends to like us!

There are two group Facebook pages:

WorcesterRamblers -
This is a community organisation page, where group walks and events are published. It is mainly admin led but visitors can add single posts.

Worcester Ramblers Friends -
On this page members can upload multiple photographs in one post, chat to each other, organise car share, arrange lifts, and sell their unwanted walking items.


Worcester Ramblers Logo  'Your Life Choices' Website
  As  part of our ongoing efforts to attract new members, Worcester Group has  posted an entry on the Worcestershire County Council website - ‘Your  Life Your Choice’ that provides information and advice about adult  social care and health services in Worcestershire.

The  site is also designed to signpost organisations such as ourselves that  can offer opportunities for health and lifestyle improvements.

Featured  on a website run by a public service that people trust, it’s a great  opportunity to make the residents of the county more aware of our  walking and social activities.

The link to the main website is: here

The link to our Group’s own article is: here

Do  take the time out to take a look at our entry and to explore the main  website which is full of interesting information and advice

The  successful posting was the result of a joint initiative between  Worcester Group and Peter Wright (Ramblers Area Secretary) and many  thanks are due to Peter for all his hard work.

Our  Group is keen to expand our publicity and awareness activities and would  like to remind members that volunteers are still required and anybody interested in  contributing should contact Cliff D. (chairman) for an informal  discussion.


Worcester Ramblers Logo  Worcester Group Health Check
November 2016
  Since  November 2013 the committee has been recording a selection of data that  effectively monitors the health of our Group over time. Sandra C. has been capturing the base data from walk attendance sheets in a spreadsheet and Cliff D. has been analysing it.

Summary  analyses have been published on our website every six months since May 2014. The data up to and including October 2016 has now been analysed  and gives another full year on year perspective, enabling seasonal  factors to be taken into account.

    Observations that could be made from the latest data include:

    1. The number of registered members has decreased year on year and at 425 is well below the recent peak of 453 recorded in March 2015 although above the baseline figure of 399 in October 2013.

    2. We recruited 48 new members this year against our notional target of 50, and compared with 46 recruited last year. The steady stream of new recruits is however not offsetting those existing members not renewing. This means that 66 individuals did not renew their membership.

    3. Membership within the remainder of the Worcestershire Area (comprising Bromsgrove, Wyre Forest, Redditch and Evesham) increased by eleven at a combined total of 620 in October 2016 compared with 609 in October 2015.

    4. The number of registered members who are ‘active’ walkers has varied somewhat across the year, dropping as low as 94 in May but rising to 109 in October which is slightly above the 103 for October last year. ‘Active’ walkers still only represent 26% of overall membership (109 out of 425).

    5.  The number of different members walking in any given month has decreased very slightly this year compared with last year with an average of 76.2 compared with 77.8

    6. This year, our Group has put on 178 walks compared with 174 during the same period last year.

    7. We offered 55 shorter walks (of 6 miles or less) this year compared with 57 last year alongside 123 longer walks compared with 117 walks previously.

    8. The total number of different walk leaders was 49 this year compared with 52 last year, maintaining the reduction of an unsustainable dependency upon a few key individuals.

    9. This year there was an average of 16.7 participants per walk compared with 18.2 last year (an 8%     decrease)

    10. The number of working party assignments completed was 16 this year compared with 18 last year and 12 the year before. This is far above the number undertaken by the rest of the Area combined.

    Another  detailed analysis will be published in or around May 2017 but if you  have any observations or questions about this information, please feel  free to bring them up with Cliff.

    Please click here to see some of the detailed underlying data


Worcester Ramblers Logo  Group Focus
  Since the AGM in November, your committee has been reviewing the focus of our Group for the forthcoming year.

Details including items under consideration are accessible by clicking on the icon shown.

Please  take this opportunity to scrutinise the current thinking and to let us  have any thoughts, comments or suggestions for improvement you might  have. We may not have the resources to address all the suggestions so  your input on prioritisation would be welcomed.

If you are interested in leading or supporting any of the individual initiatives, we would love to hear from you.

This  is your Group and you can help shape its future. Suggestions should be  sent to the chairman or any other member of the committee via the  ‘Contact Us’ page on the website.

Worcester Ramblers Logo More News Coming Soon