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Celebrating volunteer achievements





Mike Slater accepts the Campaigner Award
Mike Slater from the Isle of Wight Ramblers accepts the Campaigner Award from President Kate Ashbrook at the 2013 Awards
Do you know of a Ramblers volunteer, group or area whose
achievements deserve celebrating? if you do why not nominate them for
our President’s Volunteer Awards, which will be presented at our General
Council in March 2014.

After the success of last year’s President’s Volunteer Awards we’re now launching the nomination process
for 2014. There are six categories this year which will recognise the
work our volunteers do across Britain and we’d like to know who you
think should be shortlisted.

The awards cover a range of achievements from protecting the places
we love to walk and leading great group walks to making new members and
volunteers feel welcome and ensuring the work of the Ramblers is
publicised in the local community.

The categories for this year’s President’s Volunteer Awards are:

Protecting Where We Walk Award

This award can go to a group or area to recognise an achievement in
protecting the places we walk. This could include playing a pivotal role
in a path or access case, a thriving working relationship with a
highway authority, a local or national campaign success or representing
the Ramblers on countryside or access issues.

Leading Walks Award

This award can go to a group or area to recognise a success relating
to the group led walks programme. This could include an increase in
members attending our group walks, the variety of a group led walks
programme or efforts by walk leaders to create interesting walks.

Running The Ramblers Award

This award can go to an individual or individuals to recognise the
volunteers without whom the Ramblers wouldn’t be able to function
effectively. This could include committee members, path maintenance team
coordinators and group led walks programme coordinators.

Best Individual Achievement Award

This award is to recognise an individual volunteer’s achievement.
They might deserve special recognition if they’re retiring from a
volunteering role they’ve held for a number of years or if they’re a new
volunteer who has introduced new ideas or enthusiasm which have
resulted in a success.

Promoting Walking Award

This award can go to a group or area to recognise effort’s to raise
the profile of walking and the Ramblers as Britain’s walking charity.
This could be local publicity or coverage in the media, or encouraging
new people to walk and increasing membership.

Best Team Achievement Award

This award can go to any group of individuals within the Ramblers to
recognise a significant team effort. This could be a successful path
maintenance team, a unique partnership with another organisation or a
joint effort to create a dynamic group led walks programme.

How to make a nomination

Above is just a guide on what to base your nominations on. If there’s
something that hasn’t been covered in the descriptions but which you
feel deserves celebrating and recognising you can still make a
nomination for the award you think is most appropriate.

If you think someone you know, your group or area should be shortlisted for an award you can nominate them using our online nomination form.
The deadline for nominations is 16 February 2014. Please concentrate
your nominations on events that occurred during the last year.

Once all the nominations are in our President, Kate Ashbrook, will
choose three finalists for each award and online voting for the winner
in each category will begin on 24 February for four weeks. The winners
will be announced during the evening reception at General Council in
Liverpool on 29 March 2014.








Cotswold Outdoor





- See more at:

Worcester Ramblers celebrate their first renovated route
Local volunteers and council staff recently celebrated their first renovated route in Pensax and Menithwood,
which has been significantly improved for walkers to enjoy. Since May 2007, Worcester Ramblers volunteers have been clearing and repairing public footpaths and bridleways. Working with the local council unit, Worcestershire Countryside Service, the working party has cleared overgrown vegetation, created and
repaired signs, installed bridges and kissing gates, and fixed stiles.

This has made it much easier for people to explore the area and stay healthy through
regular walking.

Not just content with this impressive work, the working party
proposed in February to renovate entire walks of specific interest to Worcester Ramblers, which would also reduce the demand upon the council’s limited path maintenance resources.

The council authority was delighted and organised
training courses, an inventory of hand tools and personal protection equipment for use on its projects.

The first route renovation in Pensax and Menithwood was completed in early October. The renovation took six separate working party projects, including the initial survey, stile repairs, installation of new signs, anti-slip matting, bridge repair and vegetation clearance.   Project planning was completed with Worcestershire Countryside Service but the actual work days were supervised by the Ramblers group.

The celebration walk was attended by Naseem Akhtar, vice-chair of the Ramblers board of trustees, and
Amanda Hill, the countryside access volunteers’ officer from Worcestershire Countryside Service. After the walk the group enjoyed a leisurely pub lunch.
Naseem said, "I would like to thank the Worcester Ramblers
for taking me out on their first renovated
route. Their hard work replacing gates, new signage and adding anti-slip mats has made walking for all users of the route a great pleasure. Well done all and I look forward to next one."

This is a great example of how Ramblers
volunteers can work with a local authority to keep paths open, despite government funding cuts. Without this effort from the volunteer party, the paths would be impassable, but thanks to their huge efforts, they are now openfor everyone to enjoy.

Worcester Ramblers is looking forward to renovating the second route, in the Stanford Bridge area. If you would like to find out more, including seeing more photos, please visit www.worcesterramblers.org.uk.

You can walk the newly renovated route by logging into the website and downloading the
Ramblers Route: Pensax and Menithwood.
  Lin Murphy, Amanda Hill,
Pete Murphy and Naseem Akhtar
- See more at: http://www.ramblers.org.uk/what-we-do/news/2014/october/renovated-route.aspx#sthash.WYRT6gOZ.dpuf


  Working Party Route in Worcester News
 Click picture to view pdf version of
Worcester News article
by Julie Royle
Worcester Ramblers working party led by Pete Murphy has been busy over many months working to clear and renovate a six mile route in the Pensax and Menithwood area which they finished a few weeks ago.

Cliff Dimond has liaised with Julie Royle who publishes walks routes every Saturday in the Worcester News and this excellent article is the result.


Footpaths Renovation Partnership
Against the recent backdrop of allegations of footpath neglect by the county council, it is encouraging to learn of a success story involving cooperation between the Worcester Group of the Ramblers and the Worcestershire Countryside Service (WCS).
The Worcester Ramblers’ working party is a team of volunteers that clears and maintains footpaths and bridleways in the county. It is currently led by footpath officer Pete Murphy and was established in May 2007.

Since its formation, the working party has worked on assignments identified by the WCS including vegetation clearance; way marking; stile repair; bridge construction; installation of kissing gates; installation of anti slip matting and bridge clearance.

Recently, the Group approached the senior management of the WCS seeking to expand its contribution by additionally identifying and renovating entire walks of specific interest to Worcester Ramblers. Its ambition was also to become more self sufficient, reducing the demand and dependency upon WCS’s limited

This approach was received very positively with WCS setting up additional training courses for the volunteers and providing the working party with an inventory of hand tools and personal protection equipment for use on its projects.

The first route renovation has now been completed. It is a 6.5 mile walk in Pensax and Menithwood involving multiple stiles and is featured as one of the entries within ‘Ramblers Routes’ on the national charity’s website. 
To celebrate this partnership success, the Worcester Ramblers and Amanda Hill from WCS are hosting a walk of the route on Thursday 16th October starting at 10.00 from the Bell Inn, Pensax WR6 6AE.

Naseem Akhtar from the national Ramblers charity organisation who is vice-chair of the board of trustees and chair of the mission sub-committee of the board will also take part on the day.

Full walks details can be viewed within the walks programme at www.worcesterramblers.org.uk.

Anybody comfortable with undertaking a walk of this type and length is invited to join the walk in this charming corner of the county and to meet some of the personalities involved. The second route for renovation has already been identified in the Stanford Bridge area and the associated work programme will begin in the near future. 
Printable PDF version of this article is available here.
Printable PDF version of walk description is available here. 
2014 Annual General Meeting
Member Briefing
Dear Member,

As you are probably already aware, the Worcester Group is holding its annual general meeting on Friday 7 November. Details of location, timings and agenda have been published on our website.

Officers’ summary reports will be sent to those on our Group email list in advance of the meeting and also posted on our website. This is to save time at the AGM itself by giving you sight of them beforehand. Item 3 on the agenda will be focused on a question and answer session based upon these summary reports.

As you may also be aware, our Group’s constitution requires that all members of your committee retire annually. Notice of the election of officers to the Worcester Group Committee (2014) has recently been posted on our website noticeboard page for your information.
This notice effectively describes the status of all individual posts as at the date of the AGM.

Confirmed nominations for any of these posts should be sent to Cliff Dimond (chairman) before Friday 31st October via the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website. If more than one person is nominated for a particular post, a vote will be taken by members attending the AGM.
All role descriptions are published on our website.

You will note that all three sub-roles within the Publicity Officer responsibilities are either vacant or unconfirmed. Successful execution of each of these roles is critical to our member recruitment ambitions as highlighted in another website article recently.
It should be possible to undertake any of these roles within your existing time commitments so please do volunteer even if your offer of help is limited to a one year term.

Your participation at the AGM is very important as it offers committee members an objective assessment of progress thus far and also helps provides direction for priorities for the forthcoming year. It could also be quite interesting!

We would also like your nominations for two of the acknowledgement / presentation categories within item 5 on the agenda, namely individuals who have made ‘exceptional contributions to the Group’ plus the ‘most bizarre, unusual or amusing walk’ within our programme.
Please send these nominations to Cliff Dimond (chairman) via the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website as soon as possible.

Finally, you have the personal assurance of current committee members that there will be no ‘press ganging’ of AGM attendees to fill vacant roles so please do not feel inhibited to attend on November 7th.

 Your Group has had a successful year but it can only continue to improve if it gets full support from its membership. 

Here is your opportunity to make a contribution!

   [click here for PDF version of this email from Cliff Dimond (Chairman) to group members]
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 Notice of the election of officers
to the Worcester Group Committee 2014
All members of the committee are required to retire annually and the vacant posts at the AGM on Friday 7th November 2014 will be:
  Chairman       willing to stand for re –election   [Cliff Dimond]
  Treasurer   willing to stand for re –election   [Kath Palfrey]
  Group Secretary  willing to stand for re –election [Sue Rose] 
  Membership Secretary willing to stand for re –election [Sandra Chapman]
  Systems Manager / Webmaster post vacant [John Gregson standing down] but Rod Garnett is willing to complete a six month trial period in the role
  Footpath Officer /
Working Party Coordinator
willing to stand for re- election [Pete Murphy]
  Social Events Coordinator willing to stand for re- election [Alan Terry]
  Publicity Officer    
    - Walks Programme Publicist current status unknown [Ann Stuart] 
    - Recruitment Event Coordinator new sub role currently vacant
    - Press Engagement Officer new sub role currently vacant 
  Walks Coordinators (ex officio members)
    - Saturday walks coordinator willing to continue [Doug Rosewarne]
    - Sunday walks coordinator willing to continue [Dave Chapman]
    - Weekdays walks coordinator   post vacant [Joy Kyte standing down] but Lin Murphy is willing to replace her 
  Website Editors (ex officio members)
    - Sandra Chapman willing to continue Additional active support for website editing would greatly be
welcomed in order to spread the workload. Training for this
will be given as required
    - Lin Murphy willing to continue
    - Sue Rose willing to continue 
    - Brian Pitts willing to continue 
Nominations for any of the above posts should be sent to Cliff Dimond (chairman) before Friday 31st October via the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website.

In the event of more than one person being nominated for a particular post, a vote will be taken by members attending the AGM.

Role descriptions have already been published on the website.

There will be an opportunity to discuss role sharing and ex officio attendance on the committee at the AGM.

Cliff Dimond
       Click here for pdf version of this item
Click here for pdf version of the 2014 AGM Agenda
Click here for 2014 AGM Member Briefing email
Systems Manager / Webmaster
Volunteer Required
John Gregson
After many years contribution, John Gregson has indicated that he would like to step down from his current committee role responsibility with effect from our next AGM.

The Group is consequently looking for a replacement for John who can help it continue to develop one of its most important communications, publicity and recruitment assets, namely our website.
The role description for systems manager / webmaster can be viewed by clicking underneath John’s photograph within the ‘Who does what in the Worcester Group?’ section of our website.
A strong interest in and affinity with IT and technology based systems would be a great advantage but creativity and enthusiasm are also important.
The requirements of the post are very flexible and will depend upon how much time any individual is able to spare and other group members / teams could be requested to contribute as necessary.   
The committee recognises that developments need to be prioritised and matched with availability of time with expectations managed realistically.
If you would like to discuss taking on this role or if you would be willing to deliver any of the individual improvement suggestions currently in the pipeline, then please contact Cliff Dimond via the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website or have a chat on one of the walks.
The Group would like to take this opportunity to thank John Gregson for the personal time and commitment that he has devoted to the webmaster role and for his part in the undoubted success of the website as it currently exists.
 Remember – this is your Group and it can only continue to thrive if members are willing to contribute to the overall running and improvement of its operation.
New Approach to
Group Publicity Officer Role
 Volunteers Required
After much thought, your committee has decided to break down the role of Group Publicity Officer into a number of more manageable sub-roles.

The first of these is the Walks Programme Publicist which is currently being managed by Ann Stuart.

Two important additional sub-roles have been identified, namely Recruitment Events Coordinator and Press Engagement Officer.
The main purpose of both of these is to promote the Worcester Group and its activities to non-members enabling the Ramblers organisation and ourselves to grow by attracting new recruits.

The main tasks for the Recruitment Events Coordinator include:
  • Identifying a list of local events, fairs, organisations, public places (e.g. market places, popular walking locations) etc suitable for deployment of publicity stands and materials
  • Scheduling a rolling programme from within this list for the Worcester Group to attend
The main tasks for the Press Engagement Officer include:
  • Identifying a comprehensive list of local media organisations with whom to develop working
  • Identifying specific individuals within these organisations responsible for; sympathetic to
    or interested in Ramblers or countryside issues and developing them as contacts
Full role descriptions for each of these three sub-roles are accessible within the ‘Who does what in the Worcester Group?’ section of our website.
Previous experience in these areas of publicity is much less important than creativity and enthusiasm. Both sub-roles can be managed within realistic time commitments and will be fully supported by your chairman and the committee.
We want to expand the Group in order to increase the number and range of walks and social events.
If you would like to discuss taking on one of these roles then please contact Cliff Dimond via the 'Contact Us' page on the website or have a chat on one of the walks.
Remember – this is your Group and it can only continue to improve
if it gets the support from its membership.
Working Party Report
Monday 20th October 2014
Working Party Report - 20th October 2014

Monday morning saw Mick B, Dave K, Steve, Pete and Lin join Amanda and Patrick from the Countryside Service along with Roy and Peter, Parish Path Wardens from Ombersley. The work involved fitting a new stile and way markers, some clearance work as well as leveling a footpath on a slippery bank. This was all part of a route which is going to become 'The Omberslay Village Walk.'
Thanks go to everyone involved. A good day's work.

Ready to start work

Old stile gone, digging holes for the gate
Gate going in 
Checking the gate's level
Interested in joining the Working Party
Contact Pete Murphy via the Contact Us page
Footpath Renovation Partnership Report - 2 October 2014; Working Party Report - 15 September 2014 

Walking Working Party Report - 18 August 2014; 'The Working Party Works' Report
More Working Party Progress Report; The New Working Party Operating Model Report

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Recent Website Reports
 Work in progress
Worcester Group Health Check

At its first meeting last November your new committee decided to start recording a selection of data that effectively monitors the health of our Group over time.
To find out more read the reports: Health Check ReportUnderlying Data
A Ditty from Trish

Following a very successful Crib and Domino Evening Trish
sent in a lovely ditty to read more..
Social Events Coordinator Appointed

Your committee is delighted to announce the appointment of Alan Terry as an
additional officer with immediate effect. Alan's title will be Social Events Coordinator. 
Read more..
Malvern Treasure Hunt on Thursday 7th August 2014

A first for Worcester Ramblers, a treasure hunt organised by Alan and Trish.
Getting to the start proved tricky for some. 
Read more..
 Celebration Weekend at Lucksall
10th July 2014

Worcester Ramblers took their tents, caravans and camper vans for a weekend near Mordiord. Janey writes about her first canoeing experience. Read more..
 Worcester Ramblers 25 Year Celebration 
Saturday 21st June 2014

Over 70 people attended this celebration, most joined one of four walks led by our wonderful volunteer leaders. Unfortunately we do not have a report.
Mallorca 2014 with Worcester Ramblers 
Monday 6th - Monday 16 May 2014

The fourth and final Mallorca holiday organised by Colin and Ann in Peguera, as usual it was 10 days of sunshine, walks and fun, Read more..

Walking the Waterfalls
Monday 28th - Wednesday 30th April 2014

Based in Brecon, Worcester Ramblers enjoyed a three day mid week break organised by Lin and Pete, Read more..
Peak District Walking Holiday - March 2014

Twenty walkers joined in the walking from Tideswell and Pete and Lin received lots  of compliments and thanks for arranging this event including this report from Janey.
Read more..
Report from Annual General Meeting 2013

The 2013 AGM was concluded successfully with a detailed chairman’s report and summary reports from Group Officers covering the events and highlights of the past year.
Read more..





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A Successful Day at the
55+ Roadshow
The Worcester Ramblers stand at the 55+ & Retirement Roadshow at the Guildhall on the 15th March was amply decorated with banners, posters and leaflets and a steady stream of people visited throughout the day.

Particularly successful was the collaberation with Jon White (Walking for Health) - between us we were able to accomodate potential and current walkers of varying abilities.
Our lady Mayor, Pat Agar, visited all the stands during the course of the day and takes a genuine interest in iniatives to encourage people to maintain healthy lifestyles. Do look at the photos in the photo gallery!
Many thanks to Ann Stuart for assisting with the stand, and please do look out for any new faces that join our walking programme as a result of the show.
Publicity Feature
  The Worcester Ramblers Group has been featured within the latest Worcester edition of the 'All About' magazine which will be delivered to 15,000 homes in the city over the next two months.

The actual feature content can be accessed by clicking on the photograph left.

Enormous thanks are due to Sandra Chapman who identified this opportunity for publicity and to Cliff D who wrote the article.

If you have any ideas on publicity initiatives to help boost recruitment into the group, please contact Cliff Dimond via the 'Contact Us' page on the website

To see the full item more clearly click on the picture left to reveal a pdf a copy.

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2014 Group Focus Areas
Help Us To Develop The Worcester Group
The first meeting of your new committee took place on November 20th and agreed the following three key areas to focus on in 2014:
  ~ increase the number of walk leaders  
  ~ a coordinated approach to Group-led targeted improvements in footpath / bridleway / signage / repairs / blockage  
  ~ improved engagement with the wider membership  
Full details of items under consideration and inputs received are contained within the three PDF files accessible by clicking on the individual icons(pictures) below.

Decisions on the three key focus areas will be taken over the next two months. Please take this opportunity to scrutinise the thinking to date and to let us have any thoughts, comments or suggestions for improvement you might have.

This is your Group and you can help shape its future. Suggestions can be sent to any member of your new team via the 'Contact Us' page on the website.

Footpath & Bridleway Improvement

Increase the number of walk leaders
Improve engagement of the wider membership
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