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Celebrating volunteer achievements





Mike Slater accepts the Campaigner Award
Mike Slater from the Isle of Wight Ramblers accepts the Campaigner Award from President Kate Ashbrook at the 2013 Awards
Do you know of a Ramblers volunteer, group or area whose
achievements deserve celebrating? if you do why not nominate them for
our President’s Volunteer Awards, which will be presented at our General
Council in March 2014.

After the success of last year’s President’s Volunteer Awards we’re now launching the nomination process
for 2014. There are six categories this year which will recognise the
work our volunteers do across Britain and we’d like to know who you
think should be shortlisted.

The awards cover a range of achievements from protecting the places
we love to walk and leading great group walks to making new members and
volunteers feel welcome and ensuring the work of the Ramblers is
publicised in the local community.

The categories for this year’s President’s Volunteer Awards are:

Protecting Where We Walk Award

This award can go to a group or area to recognise an achievement in
protecting the places we walk. This could include playing a pivotal role
in a path or access case, a thriving working relationship with a
highway authority, a local or national campaign success or representing
the Ramblers on countryside or access issues.

Leading Walks Award

This award can go to a group or area to recognise a success relating
to the group led walks programme. This could include an increase in
members attending our group walks, the variety of a group led walks
programme or efforts by walk leaders to create interesting walks.

Running The Ramblers Award

This award can go to an individual or individuals to recognise the
volunteers without whom the Ramblers wouldn’t be able to function
effectively. This could include committee members, path maintenance team
coordinators and group led walks programme coordinators.

Best Individual Achievement Award

This award is to recognise an individual volunteer’s achievement.
They might deserve special recognition if they’re retiring from a
volunteering role they’ve held for a number of years or if they’re a new
volunteer who has introduced new ideas or enthusiasm which have
resulted in a success.

Promoting Walking Award

This award can go to a group or area to recognise effort’s to raise
the profile of walking and the Ramblers as Britain’s walking charity.
This could be local publicity or coverage in the media, or encouraging
new people to walk and increasing membership.

Best Team Achievement Award

This award can go to any group of individuals within the Ramblers to
recognise a significant team effort. This could be a successful path
maintenance team, a unique partnership with another organisation or a
joint effort to create a dynamic group led walks programme.

How to make a nomination

Above is just a guide on what to base your nominations on. If there’s
something that hasn’t been covered in the descriptions but which you
feel deserves celebrating and recognising you can still make a
nomination for the award you think is most appropriate.

If you think someone you know, your group or area should be shortlisted for an award you can nominate them using our online nomination form.
The deadline for nominations is 16 February 2014. Please concentrate
your nominations on events that occurred during the last year.

Once all the nominations are in our President, Kate Ashbrook, will
choose three finalists for each award and online voting for the winner
in each category will begin on 24 February for four weeks. The winners
will be announced during the evening reception at General Council in
Liverpool on 29 March 2014.








Cotswold Outdoor





- See more at:

Books to Loan 
Our sincere thanks goes to Mo Blinkhorn
who has generously donated these walks books to the Worcester Ramblers Group for loan to members.

Please contact Sandra C via the Contact Us page if you wish to borrow any.
  Available Available Available
 Available  Available Available Available Available Available
 Available Available   Available Available  Available   Available


Systems Manager / Webmaster

Volunteer Required






John Gregson

After many years contribution, John Gregson has indicated that he would like to step down from his current committee role responsibility with effect from our next AGM.

The Group is consequently looking for a replacement for John who can help it continue to develop one of its most important communications, publicity and recruitment assets, namely our website.

The role description for systems manager / webmaster can be viewed by clicking underneath John’s photograph within the ‘Who does what in the Worcester Group?’ section of our website.

A strong interest in and affinity with IT and technology based systems would be a great advantage but creativity and enthusiasm are also important.

The requirements of the post are very flexible and will depend upon how much time any individual is able to spare and other group members / teams could be requested to contribute as necessary.   

The committee recognises that developments need to be prioritised and matched with availability of time with expectations managed realistically.

If you would like to discuss taking on this role or if you would be willing to deliver any of the individual improvement suggestions currently in the pipeline, then please contact Cliff Dimond via the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website or have a chat on one of the walks.

The Group would like to take this opportunity to thank John Gregson for the personal time and commitment that he has devoted to the webmaster role and for his part in the undoubted success of the website as it currently exists.

 Remember – this is your Group and it can only continue to thrive if members are willing to contribute to the overall running and improvement of its operation.

Domino and Crib Evening
A Ditty from Trish
Saturday 23rd August 2014 at Paul Pry P H, The Butts Worcester
With 1 for his "Knob" 2 for his "Heels" & 3 for Dominoes
16 people came to play & keep Alan on his toes
An hour of practice was allowed & some coaching Given
Fueled with a Sandwich & another pint the competition was driven
With Pairs & Runs & Counting Spots
Around the Tables Alan Tots
Laughter, Sighs & Ooo's & R's the games were soon to end
Keeping scores had not quite driven Alan round the bend
For Dominoes Jane the prize was given
Trish & Lin were in Cribbage Chocolate Heaven
Many Thanks for those that came & played
It was a memorable evening made.
 Thanks Trish for sharing your ditty with us, and thank you both for a fun filled evening

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 Recruitment Event Report
Sunday 17th August

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Morning Walk and Treasure Hunt
Thursday 7th August 2015
For some the hunt started with finding the car park, however nineteen people did and gathered together for a group photograph only to hear calls from two breathless train travellers whose train was late arriving at Malvern. Briefing over; it was a steady climb up before circling around the west side of North Hill, the weather was surprisingly hot and humid considering some of the dark clouds rolling by.

The main part of the walk completed, coffee stop was on a grassy spot a little above St Ann’s Well, where the Treasure Hunt clues were revealed. Before leaving treasure hunters were instructed to sort out four anagrams and collect the items on the way. Setting off in groups of three’s and four’s at five minute intervals, the first stop was St Ann’s Well where one group decided to ask in the coffee shop for help only to be given three different answers!!  
There was much competitiveness and laughter, the team work was impressive, lots of concentration and counting, but alas there were many different answers for the amount of steps on the way down, some counted and crossed out their answer when reading an out of date noticeboard. the answer was 95, some steps have been altered to make a slope.

The route took humters past some of Gt Malvern's hidden and lesser known gems like the sculpture in Rose Gardens and the grave of Annie Darwin in the Priory, then to the theatre gardens with tree carving and on to the council offices and the rear of Waitrose. The penultimate task was at the Theatre of Small Convenience and involved counting the number of eyes on the door, what hadn't been forseen was the proprieter having the door open and the eyes being impossible to see.
  With answers to be marked, most gathered in the Morgan Bar of the Foley Arms where Trish marked the answers, deducted points for poor spelling and lack of precision, and then added points for collecting the required items. (A plaster, elastic band, fir cone and karabiner)  A quick check revealed the winners to be Penny, G Joy T and Janey H who were each presented with a treasure trove of goodies.
Runners up were the Tosspots - Fil, Steve, Richard and Sue!!

This new event for Worcester Group proved to be excellent fun and exceedingly interesting. 

 Sandra, Dave, Penny, Richard, Sue, Jane, Sally, Ann M, Linda, Doug, Cliff, Kim, Brian, Steve, Fil,
Joy T, Janey, Pat and Wendy send an enormous vote of thanks to Alan and Trish for all their hard work and enthusiasm in providing us with this superb event.


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New Approach to
Group Publicity Officer Role
 Volunteers Required
After much thought, your committee has decided to break down the role of Group Publicity Officer into a number of more manageable sub-roles.

The first of these is the Walks Programme Publicist which is currently being managed by Ann Stuart.

Two important additional sub-roles have been identified, namely Recruitment Events Coordinator and Press Engagement Officer.

The main purpose of both of these is to promote the Worcester Group and its activities to non-members enabling the Ramblers organisation and ourselves to grow by attracting new recruits.

The main tasks for the Recruitment Events Coordinator include:

  • Identifying a list of local events, fairs, organisations, public places (e.g. market places, popular walking locations) etc suitable for deployment of publicity stands and materials
  • Scheduling a rolling programme from within this list for the Worcester Group to attend

The main tasks for the Press Engagement Officer include:

  • Identifying a comprehensive list of local media organisations with whom to develop working
  • Identifying specific individuals within these organisations responsible for; sympathetic to
    or interested in Ramblers or countryside issues and developing them as contacts

Full role descriptions for each of these three sub-roles are accessible within the ‘Who does what in the Worcester Group?’ section of our website.

Previous experience in these areas of publicity is much less important than creativity and enthusiasm. Both sub-roles can be managed within realistic time commitments and will be fully supported by your chairman and the committee.

We want to expand the Group in order to increase the number and range of walks and social events.

If you would like to discuss taking on one of these roles then please contact Cliff Dimond via the 'Contact Us' page on the website or have a chat on one of the walks.

Remember – this is your Group and it can only continue to improve
if it gets the support from its membership.


Social Events Coordinator
 Alan pictured here with wife Trish

Your committee is delighted to announce the appointment of Alan Terry as an
additional officer with immediate effect. Alan's title will be Social Events Coordinator and the full role description can be viewed by clicking on his photo within the 'Who does what in the Worcester Group?' section.

The main aim of Alan's role is to promote engagement of the wider Worcester Group membership and to help to grow numbers by attracting new members and retaining existing members through the provision of a programme of social events and holidays.

The impact of this new appointment has been immediate with a significant number of social events already appearing on our website. If you have any suggestions for an event that you would like to put to Alan or if you may be in a position to give him some support, then please contact him via the 'Contact Us' page.


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 The Party in Worcester Works
The Working Party has received national recognition with the following article published on the Ramblers website.

15 July 2014
The Working Party in Worcester is a group of Ramblers that clear and maintain footpaths for walkers in Worcestershire. The group led by footpath officer Pete Murphy, was established in May 2007 and now consists of 24 volunteers. The party has had many successes such as footpath clearance in Hallow, where it slashed and uprooted Himalayan Balsam, which can grow up to 2 meters in height.
Volunteers work alongside the Worcestershire Countryside Service (WCS) to complete supervisor, way marking and strimmer courses. Currently details of assignments are formulated by the WCS but the Working Party is keen to continue this work, identifying problems to minimise the backlog of path maintenance. The WCS provide all materials, tools, equipment and transportation, plus supervision and refreshments.

The Working Party would like to evolve, taking on tasks with more relevance to their own walks. These paths are in need of maintenance and this is where they would like to concentrate their efforts. By taking this approach, the Working Party can continue to publish favoured walks on to Ramblers Routes and shape the future of the footpaths in Worcester. The party currently meets once a month but has the capacity and desire to carry out work more often. The reliance on the scarce WCS resources has to date made this impossible.

It is because of continuous cuts to the WCS and similar services that the Ramblers cannot go ahead with more work. The Working Party provides the labour, expertise and transportation of personnel to site.
However, the WCS are not equipped financially or in man-power to facilitate fully the motivated Working Party. Cliff Dimond (Group chairman) is concerned that this may lead to an enthused Working Party becoming disillusioned due to a lack of assignments and activity. A second fear is that the WCS could become privatised or sub-contracted in some way and the Working Party might lose their working relationships and managerial support. Nine of the 24 are original members. The founding members include Brian Mayo, Mike Box, Douglas Castle and David Keating. The past three months has been particularly successful in terms of recruitment, with 10 new volunteers. The group look forward to carrying out further path maintenance and eventually managing their own schedule of work.
To view the Ramblers website article click this logo..
For printable pdf version click on photograph of Dave K above.

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Weekend of Celebration at  Lucksall
Lucksall Camping Weekend 12-14 July 2014
Friday 12 July 2014
1 p.m. and we were first to arrive on the camp site. There is a warm welcome and smile from the Warden, which grows even warmer when we book in as ‘Ramblers’.
Having been a member of the Caravan Club for over thirty years I enjoyed the anonymity of being a rambler, rather than being recognised as “Her, the wife of the man who works for Cadburys” or worse,“ Her, with the three children who filled their sea-side buckets with pebbles from the hard standing pitch, and emptied them in piles on the road.” I guess when members pay over five figures for their caravans, complaints are to be expected.
The sun is fiercely beating down on me and I have forgotten my sun cream. We quickly set up the caravan on our pitch and as we are not using the awning there is no domestic discord to entertain other campers.
We were the only rambler using a caravan.  Our group has twelve pitches allocated along the peripheral of the site next to the canoeing club and I realised that the weekend was to pivot around canoeing not
walking.  This is fine with me as there are footpaths along the river bank starting from the site.  I missed the walk today because the logistics of parking a forty foot plus van and caravan  at the start of the walk was too challenging.  I sat in the sun, hunched over my map, planning an evening walk off the site once the weather is cooler.
We grouped for drinks of tea and Andrew, the last of the merry band to arrive, roared up in his car and promptly tossed Susan Tom-tom out of his window.  There is one pitch left where it is suggested that Andrew sets up his tent next to us.
“What, next to the old caravan?” So Andrew pitched with the tents. Cosy!
Friday evening I walked along the river bank admiring the Wye, the setting sun, indulged in a crop of snap peas and later watched the moon reflected on the water.
Saturday 13 July 2014
I found myself in a surreal situation canoeing on the Wye instead of joining in the organised walk.  This was my first time in a canoe.  We saw the wildlife from a new perspective at eye level; swans andcygnets, a heron majestically watching us all from the river bank and lead canoeists saw a salmon leap from the water.  We listened to the Wye gently lapping at the river bank.  A nesting swan ruffled her wings at us to warn us away from her eggs and we observed families of ducks confident in their home environment.    I loved it. 
We frequently had to navigate the canoes around fishing lines. The two hours were plenty for me as I was
using muscles I haven’t used before and confess that Ann did far more work with her paddle than me. John G kept at the rear as Back Marker and as my confidence grew I realised what a sacrifice John had made. Despite a couple of exciting moments, the stretch of river was calm, slow and very safe. For me it was the perfect speed for contemplation and revelation, but John must have been longing for a little more
action, such as rapids and weirs. Meanwhile Sally took the non-canoeists on a ramble.
Thank goodness for the shower block, so that we were able to freshen up for the barbeque. Sally had excelled herself in planning and preparing for the event and many people brought along their contributions. We were in danger of running out of tables. John G worked his socks off cooking numerous sausages and beef burgers.
Just as John thought that he could knock off duty, a succession of delicacies such as corn on the cob, garlic potatoes and kebabs arrived to be cooked to accompany the salads, olives and nibbles inside the gazebo. John exercised his people skills and diplomatically disappeared for a shower and later resumed his role as chief chef. The rain arrived and umbrellas were strategically placed over the cooks and BBQ until eventually John noticed that the full rain force of someone’s umbrella was running down his back. And still the man smiled. The evening meal was delicious and plentiful with good company.
The rain stopped, the evening cooled and I strolled by the Wye where I was rewarded with the sight of a heron in full flight diving down the river. A swan and her three downy grey cygnets were confidently feeding from the river alongside a fisherman at his rod. It was magical.
  Sunday 14 July 2014
4 a.m. A mist was rolling around the camp site and those who ventured out at this early hour were glad to snuggle back into their sleeping bags.

9 a.m. Sitting outside our caravan I enjoyed early morning tea and am grateful for the drop in temperature.  I reflected that today will be my first led walk of the weekend. Pitches must be vacated by 11 a.m. before driving to Mordiford for the start of the walk, so the group industriously packed their tents into cars. There was some conversation about neighbouring
families (non Ramblers) who talked well into the night.  Of course, sound travels at night. Possibly some families haven’t met up for a year and voices are usually louder after indulging in alcohol. 
A joke is never
quite the same without a drink. 

At around five miles the walk was short with delightful views and interesting snippets of history including walking past a wattle and daub house (A timber framed building in-filled with woven panels of hazel rods covered in a thick daub of mud, straw and cow dung).A pub meal for most of the walkers rounded off the weekend.

Thank you Sally and John for a super weekend and for my first experience of canoeing.

Janey Hewitt 15.7.14


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Worcester Ramblers
25 Year Celebration
Worcester Ramblers 25 Year Celebration was held on
Saturday 21st June 2014
whilst waiting for an event report please enjoy some of the artistic and creative talents..
and some of the 60 butterflies observed on Mel's Butterfly walk 

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News from the Ramblers Website
Picture from walk near Hill Croome in 2012
Farmers must maintain rights of way to receive European subsidies
The Ramblers welcomes last week's announcement that those in receipt of subsidies must keep footpaths, bridleways free from obstruction and provide stiles and gates, cut back overhanging vegetation and ensure that field edge paths meet legal requirements.
To read the complete article
click on the picture left

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Walking Working Party Report
From Pensax and Menithwood, part 4
Walking Working Party Report - 18th August 2014

There's light at the end of the tunnel!

Over 800 screws later, the Walking Working Party fitted anti slip matting onto the last of 25 stiles on the Pensax route.
Pete, Lin, Steve, Fil, Doug and Dave K walked the last 3 miles of the route fitting the anti slip to stiles and 3 bridges as well as clearance work.
Although it was hard work at times there was a sense of satisfaction at a job well done.
The finished 6.5 mile route is now on the Walks Programme for Thursday  16th October. Please come and see for yourself what we have acheived.

Thanks to everyone who helped on the four stages of the route.

Doug clearing the path
Clearance work on an overgrown alley

Lunch break sheltering out of the rain
 Interested in joining future working party events
Contact Pete Murphy via the 'Contact Us' page

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Walking Working Party Report
from Pensax and Menithwood, Part 3
Walking Working Party Report - 5th August 2014  

Tuesday morning saw Pete, Lin, Dave K, Doug and Cliff D meeting up ready to start the third section of the route around Pensax and Menithwood. This time it involved fitting anti slip matting onto 3 bridges, installing 2 waymarking posts and some clearance work.
We started the day getting permission to park the cars on the drive of a house nearby and then carrying materials in the rain to the first 2 bridges.
Next we drove to Menithwood where Lin and Doug fitted the anti slip matting onto bridge number 3 whilst Dave, Cliff and Pete installed 2 waymarking posts and did some clearance work.
Thanks go to everyone involved. A good day's work.
Bridge number 2 finished

Working in the rain on bridge no. 3

Post number 1 fitted

Bridge number 3 finished
Interested in joining future working party events?
Contact Pete Murphy via the 'Contact Us' page
Read how Ramblers Footpath Volunteers saves councils millions

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Worcester Group Health Check
May 2014
At its first meeting last November your new committee decided to start recording a selection of data that effectively monitors the health of our Group over time.

Sandra Chapman has been capturing the base data in a spreadsheet
since then and Cliff D. has been analysing it.
It is far too early to be drawing any firm conclusions, but initial observations that could be made from the past six months include:
 Click on the image to see some of the detailed underlying data.  
1. The number of registered members has declined significantly over the past couple of years but now shows signs of stabilisation and even modest growth at 413 in April of this year
2. There is a steady stream of new recruits that is more than offsetting those existing members not renewing
3. Only about 22% of registered members are ‘active’ walkers (90 out of 413)
4.  The number of different members walking in any given month has been remarkably consistent at 58-60 but peaked at 70 last month
5. Over the six months the Group has put on 69 walks lead by 27 different individuals
6. 30% of walks were 6 miles or under and 70% were over 6 miles
7. Over the six months there has been an average of 17 participants per walk
8. 30% of current active members have lead walks, averaging just over 2.5 walks each
9. The number of working party pool volunteers has increased from 14 to 24 
Another detailed analysis will be published at or around this year’s AGM in November
but if you have any observations or questions about this information,
feel free to bring them up with Cliff.

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Mallorca with the
Worcester Ramblers 2014 
Walking along olive groves high in the mountains near Mirador ses Barques and along the coast high above the sea under blue skies towards the beautiful bay of Cala Tuent was one of the many highlights with the Worcester Ramblers in Mallorca this year. Along the route are outstanding views of the major peaks (including Puig Major, the highest mountain at 1445m) and abundant patches of colourful wild flowers with many butterflies, familiar and more exotic, while birds of prey soar high above the shrubs and trees along the path. By the sea, the path twists and turns revealing a myriad of bays and coves where some chose to relieve their aches and pains after the walk in the clear turquoise sea. Silvery fish swim around your feet but in some places the tide has also brought in Jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca) - causing a chorus of warnings along the beach.  

The walk from Cuber Reservoir passes through a valley where Nightingales are heard singing to defend their patch and attract a mate. Then a 3000 ft. descent through a wide and spectacular gorge into Soller, one of the most attractive Mallorcan towns linked to its port by an enjoyable trip on a tram that winds through the streets and suburbs lined with lemon and orange trees down to the sea.
Another route starting from Lluc Monastery, winds through a gorge with views across the southern plains of the island. As with all the walks, numerous treats are provided along the way by the Sweetie Monitor, an important apprenticeship leading to the position of Middle Marker and, finally, Back Marker – the most sought after position in the group. The walk ends at an Olive Oil Manufacturing plant & café surrounded by ancient gnarled olive trees where there is another treat - cold beers, lemonades or iced coffees.

On the south west of the island, the route via Camp de Mar climbs up through the property once owned by model Claudia Schiffer who tried to stop walkers from reaching Torre d’Andrixtol, one of the best viewpoints in this region. Suffice to say that Claudia has gone and the ramblers still enjoy the views.
Near the tower, the spectacular large, yellow, black and red European Swallowtail butterfly does a fly-past and pauses for a photo opportunity - we’ve seen it here before on the previous Worcester Ramblers trips. Then back down to the sea where lunch is as always by Cala d’en Monjo, a nudist beach where little is hidden.
Another favourite is the walk to Sant Elm on the west coast. The route is hilly with fabulous views of Dragonera, a large 1000ft high island just off the coast (where nesting seabirds are seen by the sides of the paths and tens of lizards will gladly take breadcrumbs from your hand, as we discovered on WR’s visit there last year). This year yet again the ice cream parlour along the main street in Sant Elm waits in anticipation of 32 strangers in baggy pants and floppy hats - reminiscent of a Spaghetti Western - selecting their favourite flavours and leaning against the street wall in absolute bliss.
The walk from Coll de sa Creu visits a remote marble quarry perched on a high ledge accessed via a steep path on the edge of a cliff – reputedly once the source of marble for Palma cathedral but, not surprisingly, no longer economic to work today. Nowadays wild goats rather than marble quarriers haunt these hills. Down at last to end the walk at "Wellies Bar" by Puerto Portals, not far from Palma, next to a marina full of millionaire floating gin palaces and playboy yachts. But the beer was free!

On another day, in stark contrast we seem to be heading towards Magaluf – the nightclub mecca for many Brits - but it‘s too early in the morning for those local ravers - they’ve only just gone to bed for the day!
So we quietly edge around the town to the coastal path to visit another nudist beach with crystal clear waters and the opportunity for a skinny dip for the bold or a coffee at the beachside café for the timid. Further along the coast the contrast continues between the fine coastal views and the ugly concrete gun bunkers strewn across the land from the Spanish Civil War.

On our day off we visit a beautiful monastery in Valldemossa where Chopin once spent a frustrated winter, sharing a contemplative cell with his lady love, Georges Sand, who was apparently not in the mood due to the chilly weather. Today, instead of frustrated lovers, the monastery garden is full of Painted Lady Butterflies and Humming Bird Hawk Moths nectaring on the abundant and colourful flora. After a quick Chopin prelude in the monastery concert room, we are off in the coach to visit Palma with its awe-inspiring cathedral. After sightseeing and a long and leisurely lunch, we spent a quiet afternoon in the garden of the Arab Baths – and a snooze in the shade of the orange trees!

So far every walk has revealed a variety of fauna and flora. Butterflies from the familiar Speckled Wood, Small Blue and Clouded Yellow to the less familiar Cleopatra and the exotic Two-tailed Pasha. The birds of prey include Black Vulture and Elenora’s Falcon as well as other species - Red-Legged Partridge, Spotted Flycatcher, Shrike, Stonechat and Hoopoes, which in my case were heard but not seen – others were luckier and saw them too!

The final walk from Es Capdella was well chosen because of its views and its birds (Booted Eagles, Woodchat Shrike and Sardinian Warbler) and flowers (Pyramid, Bee and the Violet Bird’s Nest orchids) - and its easy return to Peguera, our host town on the south west coast, before the Gala dinner in the evening to celebrate the end of another fantastic holiday.

None of this would be possible without the hard work, route planning and meticulous organisation by Colin and Anne in Mallorca – many thanks! Back in Blighty, Sandra, Dave, John, Cliff and Kath – along with other committee members – grease the wheels, organise the meetings, collect the monies and, no doubt, much more. However, the real success of this holiday depends on the friendships, support and inclusivity of all the group, which is characteristic of the Worcester Ramblers.

Mel Mason / May 2014
(Mel & Colin)
Click photo for PDF version of this narrative
Click this photo to see
Mel's pictures of the group,
views and wildlife. 
Walking the Waterfalls Report
Brecon - Monday 28th - Wednesday 30th April 2014
Monday morning at 11am, nine Worcester Group members met in a layby near Craig y nos Castle to start the first walk of the three walking day holiday. The route went straight up a hill and was quite a climb so some had to take the ascent a little slower, it was worth the effort because lunch was on the side of Cribarth with wonderful views and the remainder of the route was much easier! The highlight of the walk was walking behind Henrhyd Falls, the highest waterfall in South Wales which led to much discussion about the other waterfalls in Britain. After this exhilarating walk we drove to Brecon and booked into our accommodation, meeting later for an evening meal at the pub in which Cliff was staying for good homely food. Perhaps it’s best not to say who likes his chips with salad cream.  
For some it was a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, but one poor soul didn’t manage to sleep at all, and listened to his companion snoring all night! The lack of sleep didn’t deter, and all ten of us met up for the waterfall walk which the guide book described as ‘a lengthy and quite energetic with plenty of ascents and descents and some fairly difficult sections over rocky terrain and muddy paths but with great rewards.’ Ten miles long and strenuous it was; but the waterfalls including the well-known Sgwd yr Eira where we all walked behind the fall, proved to be spectacular with an abundance of water providing wonderful photograph opportunities for those with cameras.
Tuesday evening we partook of Indian cuisine in Brecon town centre, poppadum’s with sauces followed by an assortment of curries and a couple of biryanis which were soon devoured, then for some weary souls it was back for an early-ish night and others to the pub for a bevy.
  Wednesday was checking out day, and John having stayed an extra night left to make his way home. Now nine in number, we made our way for a 5 mile circular walk via Pen y Crug, a hill with an all-round panorama and it didn’t disappoint.
It was little
hazy but there were views over Brecon and we were able to pick out the Cathedral, more distant views included Pen y Fan, Corndu and the Black Mountains.

The holiday, the walks and the meals were all extremely well planned and executed by Lin and Pete; the one thing that they couldn’t organise was the weather and that turned out to be very apt walking weather.
All participants send their thanks to Pete and Lin, and look forward to a trip to
Snowdon – only joking!!

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More Working Party Progress
More Working Party Progress

Considerable further progress has been made towards attaining the desired new operating model (details available by clicking on the picture below) for our working party.

Over the past two months the number of volunteers within the pool available for work assignments has increased from 14 to 24.

Click above picture to view the new working party operating model.
Many of the new volunteers and some of the established ones have recently completed supervisor, way marking and strimmer courses run by the Worcestershire Countryside Service, some of which have been arranged exclusively for our Group.
These volunteers are now accredited and insured by the Countryside Service to
work on tasks.

In addition, the Countryside Service has provided us
with an inventory of hand tools and personal protection equipment for use on our working party assignments. Items include pruning saws; shears; slashers; loppers; secateurs; claw hammers, protective gloves and over specs.

We have also been promised Hi Viz vests plus various consumables in the near future.
A key next step is to improve the relevance of work tasks to our Group and Pete Murphy has recently provided the Countryside Service with a series of footpath improvement requirements based upon a specific walk of our own. These issues are currently being assessed prior to giving us clearance to proceed.
Considerable thanks are due to Pete and all the working party volunteers for the time and commitment they have given towards our long term goal of becoming self sufficient in our ability to clear and make routes safe in order to put on our walk programme.
We are always looking for further volunteers and ideas about how we can further improve our effectiveness.
Do you have any time or contribution
that you could devote to this 2014 Group Focus Area?
If so, please contact Pete Murphy via the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website.
Peak District Walking Holiday
March 2014
 Thanks everyone for making this week so successful
20 walkers over the whole week.
Some of the comments we received include:
Alan and Trish: Amazing week, never had a holiday like that.
John P: Great two days walking.
Andrew: Grand and fantastic weekend, good pics and nice people to be with.
Janey: Great 2 days walking and company, I enjoyed it so much, read her report here
Send in your report


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A Successful Day at the
55+ Roadshow
The Worcester Ramblers stand at the 55+ & Retirement Roadshow at the Guildhall on the 15th March was amply decorated with banners, posters and leaflets and a steady stream of people visited throughout the day.

Particularly successful was the collaberation with Jon White (Walking for Health) - between us we were able to accomodate potential and current walkers of varying abilities.
Our lady Mayor, Pat Agar, visited all the stands during the course of the day and takes a genuine interest in iniatives to encourage people to maintain healthy lifestyles. Do look at the photos in the photo gallery!
Many thanks to Ann Stuart for assisting with the stand, and please do look out for any new faces that join our walking programme as a result of the show.
Publicity Feature
  The Worcester Ramblers Group has been featured within the latest Worcester edition of the 'All About' magazine which will be delivered to 15,000 homes in the city over the next two months.

The actual feature content can be accessed by clicking on the photograph left.

Enormous thanks are due to Sandra Chapman who identified this opportunity for publicity and to Cliff D who wrote the article.

If you have any ideas on publicity initiatives to help boost recruitment into the group, please contact Cliff Dimond via the 'Contact Us' page on the website

To see the full item more clearly click on the picture left to reveal a pdf a copy.

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2014 Group Focus Areas
Help Us To Develop The Worcester Group
The first meeting of your new committee took place on November 20th and agreed the following three key areas to focus on in 2014:
  ~ increase the number of walk leaders  
  ~ a coordinated approach to Group-led targeted improvements in footpath / bridleway / signage / repairs / blockage  
  ~ improved engagement with the wider membership  
Full details of items under consideration and inputs received are contained within the three PDF files accessible by clicking on the individual icons(pictures) below.

Decisions on the three key focus areas will be taken over the next two months. Please take this opportunity to scrutinise the thinking to date and to let us have any thoughts, comments or suggestions for improvement you might have.

This is your Group and you can help shape its future. Suggestions can be sent to any member of your new team via the 'Contact Us' page on the website.

Footpath & Bridleway Improvement

Increase the number of walk leaders
Improve engagement of the wider membership

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What's happening to whom?
Well Done
to all those folk who have attended the
Supervisor and Waymarking Course and Strimmer Training sessions

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Report from the Group AGM
AGM 2013 Chairman's Report
The 2013 AGM was concluded successfully with a detailed chairman’s report and summary reports from Group Officers covering the events and highlights of the past year.

An enjoyable quiz was conducted by Dave Chapman following a splendid buffet prepared and cleared up by a host of volunteers. Thank you to everybody who generously contributed to this part of the proceedings.
A number of committee members have stood down this year and our warm appreciation is given to Doug Rosewarne (Chairman), Marian Carr (Treasurer), Bev Cox (Membership Secretary), Brian Mayo (Working Party Coordinator), Sally Mills (Minutes Secretary) and June Maw (Group Secretary) for the time and commitment they have devoted to the continued operation of the Worcester Group.
Considerable effort has been expended to identify worthy replacements for the above Officers and we are delighted to announce the new committee composition as follows: Pete Murphy (Footpath Officer); Sandra Chapman (Membership Secretary); Sue Rose (combined Group Secretary and Minutes Secretary); Kath Palfrey (Treasurer) and Cliff Dimond (Chairman). John Gregson (Webmaster) and Joy Kyte (ex officio) have agreed to continue to be committee members and the continuity they will provide is greatly appreciated. The roles of Working Party Coordinator and Publicity Officer are currently unfilled. 
The first meeting of the new team has been set for Wednesday November 20th and one proposal that has been made is to identify a small number of key issues or improvements that the committee should focus on over the next twelve months. If you have any suggestions for us to consider, please send these to any member of the new team via the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website.



    The Ramblers Association is a registered charity (England & Wales no 1093577, Scotland no SC039799) and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England & Wales (no 4458492). Registered office: 2nd floor, Camelford House, 87-90 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TW