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Worcester Ramblers Logo Working Party Reports
  Working Party Report - 1st February 2016

Another nice job undertaken, this time at Hallow, by our indefatigable working party team. Well done guys; you are an inspiration!

Next Working Party Monday 29th February

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  Working Party Report - 11th January 2016

Huddington bridleway clearance part two. 

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Working Party Report - 14th December 2015

Another good job done. Bridleway clearance near Huddington.
Thank you to all who took part.

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If you would like to join in with the working party activities
Contact Doug F via the Contact Us page

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Worcester Ramblers Logo  Group Focus for 2016

Click picture for more detail


2016 Group Focus Areas

Since the AGM in November, your committee has been reviewing the focus of our Group for the forthcoming year.

Details including items under consideration are accessible by clicking on the icon shown.

Please take this opportunity to scrutinise the current thinking and to let us have any thoughts, comments or suggestions for improvement you might have. We may not have the resources to address all the suggestions so your input on prioritisation would be welcomed.

If you are interested in leading or supporting any of the individual initiatives, we would love to hear from you.

This is your Group and you can help shape its future. Suggestions should be sent to the chairman or any other member of the committee via the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website. 

Worcester Ramblers Logo  New Walk Registration Forms
  We have redesigned our walk registration forms and these will replace the previous versions with immediate effect. Could walk leaders please destroy any blank copies that you might have printed out and use the new version instead from now on.

The main reason for the redesign is to capture information about how walk participants learned of Worcester Ramblers. In the case of Worcester Group members we have added an extra column to the form asking new members to enter a code identifying the source of their path to us.

A space for recording the name of the walk back marker has also been provided.

In the case of visitors and member of other Ramblers' groups there is a checklist to tick. We also now ask for the name of the group and membership number if the participant is from another Rambler's group.

The objective is to help us understand how people find our Group and therefore how best to target our future recruitment initiatives.

The redesigned forms can be viewed by clicking here or on either of the images above, or find them on the 'Submit a Walk page' / Registration forms.
  CD 22/01/2016   
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Worcester Ramblers Logo  Walk Programme Development
  Recce Initiative Communication

For all those interested, including our Group members who have achieved the Bronze National Award Scheme, a recce walk initiative is being re-introduced, this time on the 1st Monday and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

These walks will be a mixture of distances to support both the week and weekend programme of walks.

The purpose of the recce initiative is further to enhance the members' skills and give individuals the necessary experience to lead a walk in the future, thereby increasing the number of walk leaders for our Group.

The initiative will also have the benefit of additional walks opportunities to our programme.

Experienced leaders who lead the recce will pass on their walk plan and thinking to the less experienced. Those less experienced who lead will be supported by other members, who will share their knowledge, techniques and provide coaching and mentoring to give them greater confidence.

If you have a walk in mind or one that has not been done for a while, please submit the details onto one of the recce days on our walks programme.

Please note that putting your recce on our walks programme is totally optional. If a leader prefers to recce independantly, then that of course remains perfectly acceptable.

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Heather Fraser or Josie Wilson via the Contact Us page of our website.

CD 22/01/2016    
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Worcester Ramblers Logo  Volunteer Development Days
  To assist Ramblers volunteers in their roles, Ramblers Head Office have organised a series of Volunteer Development Days across the country. The nearest venues: Birmingham on Friday 13th May and Gloucester on Saturday 4th June 2016.

Subjects include:
  • Introduction to leading group walks (AM)
  • Use the Ramblers website to get more people walking (AM)
  • Promoting your group using social media (AM)
  • Understanding and explaining Ramblers mission and structure to members and the public (AM)
  • Basics to rights of way law (AM)
  • Successful short walks (PM)
  • Leading more challenging walks (PM)
  • Recruiting volunteers (PM)
  • Rights of way: Specialist Areas (PM)
  • Making change happen: campaigning and working with the media (Full day)
  • Treasurer training (Full day)
To find out more click here

Worcester group members interested in attending a Development Day are asked to contact Cliff D via the Contact Us page
Worcester Ramblers Logo  New Worcester Group Pamphlet

Click photo to see full PDF version
One of our key recruitment initiatives for 2015 was the design, production and distribution of a pamphlet specifically focused on the Worcester Group. This is now available, having been professionally printed in A5 size. To access the full PDF version, please click on the picture of the front page. (left)

Immediate plans to distribute the pamphlet include agreement to display copies at the Worcester Beer Festival on August 6th, 7th and 8th and availability for our stand at the Worcester Show on August 16th.

In addition to this however we need your help:

Friends and Family
Do you have people that you know personally who might be tempted to try us out as a result of reading about our activities?
Distribution Locations
Can you help with locating pamphlets within organisations near you?
Examples might include:
  • Tourist information centres
  • Community Centres
  • Libraries and other hubs
  • Outdoor clothing / equipment shops e.g. Cotswold Outdoor
  • Local Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets
  • DIY stores
  • Garden Centres
  • Hopitals' information centres
  • Countryside Centre
  • GPs' surgeries
  • Parish magazines / websites
  • Church magazines / websites
  • Any additional ideas
Sharing the workload will make a huge difference, so please help with one or more elements of the campaign by contacting Cliff D as soon as possible. Cliff has a stock of pamphlets to issue which he can make available at the beginning of walks or alternatively get in touch with him via the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website.

More members will generate more leaders which will in turn mean a more vibrant and varied walks programme!
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 Worcester Group Health Check
November 2015
To see some of the detailed underlying data
Click on the image
Since November 2013 the committee has been recording a selection of data that effectively monitors the health of our Group over time. Sandra C. has been capturing the base data from walk attendance sheets in a spreadsheet and Cliff D. has been analysing it.
Summary analyses were published on our website in May 2014, November 2014 and May 2015. The data up to and including October 2015 has now been analysed and gives a full year on year perspective for the first time, enabling seasonal factors to be taken into account.
Observations that could be made from the latest data include:

  1. The number of registered members has increased slightly year on year but at 443 is below the figure of 453 recorded in March of this year and still well below the peak of 490 in February 2011.
  2. We recruited 46 new members this year against our notional target of 50, compared with 50 recruited last year. The steady stream of new recruits is just offsetting those existing members not renewing. This means that 44 individuals did not renew their membership.
  3. Membership within the remainder of the Worcestershire Area (comprising Bromsgrove, Wyre Forest, Redditch and Evesham) increased by eight at a combined total of 609 in October 2015 compared with 601 in October 2014.
  4. The number of registered members who are ‘active’ walkers has varied significantly across the year, rising to 123 in February but reducing to 103 this October which is slightly below the 105 for October last year. ‘Active’ walkers still only represent 23% of overall membership (103 out of 443).
  5. The number of different members walking in any given month has increased significantly this year compared with last year with increases in 10 of the 12 months involved.
  6. This year, our Group has put on 174 walks compared with 156 during the same period last year.
  7. We offered 57 shorter walks (of 6 miles or less) this year compared with 56 last year alongside 117 longer walks compared with 100 walks previously.
  8. The total number of different walk leaders has increased to 52 this year from 44 last year, reducing an unsustainable dependency upon a few key individuals.
  9. This year there has been an average of 18.2 participants per walk compared with 17.3 last year (a 5% increase)
  10. There was a significant increase in visitors during December 2014 and January 2015, presumably as a consequence of our Winter Walks programme.
  11. The number of working party assignments completed increased from 12 last year to 18 this year, a 50% increase. Half of this year’s total was identified and organised by the Worcester Group itself.
Another detailed analysis will be published in or around May 2016 but if you have any observations or questions about this information, please feel free to bring them up with Cliff.
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