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Events are a type of box file with some added properties. As events occur on a particular date they appear in the Home and Programme pages and not the general pages. In Home page the Event appears as a title and date linked to the Box Details view. However; on the Programme page it appears as a full article linked to the Box Details view.

Creating and editing is the same as other box files, however; titles should be kept short so they do not wrap. For more details click on the buttons above.

  • Editing
  • Box Cover Images
  • Adding Links
  • Uploading Documents
  • Car Sharing
  • Meeting Points & Car Parks
  • User Photographs
  • Blog 


When an event is created the person in the role of Social Events Coordinator is automatically assigned as the coordinator and point of contact. This can be changed to either replace that individual or add additional coordinators. 


An event must have Event Start and Event Finish dates. If the event is on a single day then these dates are the same. If the dates are likely to change then tick the Provisional box.


In common with all programme boxes events have an Emergency property which is accessed by editing the box cover. The Emergency property is used to publish a last minute change or cancellation. Once text has been added to the emergency field it will appear in the header of every page until the end of the event. 

Document Upload Enabled

The Document Upload Enabled property has one of three values. Disabled, website members cannot upload documents. OnDate, website members can upload documents after the start of the event. Enabled, website members can upload documents any time.

Media Upload Enabled

The Media Upload Enabled property has one of three values. Disabled, website members cannot upload photographs. OnDate, website members can upload photographs after the start of the event. Enabled, website members can upload photographs any time.

Consider an event like the Winter Walking Festival. The event would describe the festival, however; the festival would comprise many walks. So Media Upload Enabled should be set to Disabled so website members upload photographs for each individual walk rather than the event. Whereas a holiday event may also comprise many walks but these may not be in the Programme. In which case Media Upload Enabled should be set to OnDate so website members can upload photographs after the start of the holiday.


An event may be created by either an Editor or the Social Events Coordinator. If it is created by an Editor an email is sent to the Social Events Coordinator asking him/her to review the new event. The Coordinator may either edit the item or simply flag it as reviewed by editing Life. The item will not be published until it has been reviewed. Subsequent edits do not generate emails or change the Reviewed flag.


After the start of the event it will appear in the Recent Activities section of the home page as a link to the blog. The blog provides a place to describe what happened and for website users to upload their photographs. It is in effect a second box cover and is linked to the main working party. 



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