Library Maintenance

The Library And Library Boxes

The Library is the core functionality of the website. All content, documents and media are stored in the library. The Library is composed of a set of Library Boxes.

A Library Collection can be thought of as a box file. It has a title and a category so you know where to find it.

The Collection Description

Optionally you can add photographs and a description to show what will be found inside the box. In the case of a Library Collection you can do this by writing an article.

To find out more about editing press the Editing button.

Inside The Collection

Inside a box file you can store anything that will fit. In the case of a Library Collection this can be various types of file. For example it could be photographs, a routes card, a GPX routes or a menu.

Adding To The Collection

When setting up a collection you can define what and when members can upload into the collection by setting the DocumentUploadEnabled and MediaUploadEnabled properties.

DocumentUploadEnabled and MediaUploadEnabled have the following options.

  • Disabled
  • OnDate
  • Enabled

You might use Disabled for a committee meeting minutes collection where you want to publish the agenda and minutes but not allow members to add to it.

OnDate is not appropriate for simple collections, however; it would be used on an Event. The event could contain various documents for public view but not to be added to. However; setting MediaUploadEnabled to OnDate would enable members to upload photographs after the event.

As you would expect setting DocumentUploadEnabled and MediaUploadEnabled to Enabled would enable members to upload documents and photographs.

Other Features

The CollectionDate is an optional property used to order collections by date. For example you would use CollectionDate when creating a collection for committee minutes. This ensures that the most resent meeting appears at the top of the list.

The Minutes button on the top of the Library Collection Create page will create and automatically complete the field of a committee minutes collection.

In common with Articles Library Boxes also have a News property which enables the collection to be listed in the Home page new section.

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