Introduction To Website Maintenance


The website is composed of four types of pages.

  1. Home
  2. Programme
  3. Content
  4. Library

The Home page is compiled automatically from the other pages and requires no direct maintenance.

The Programme covers anything that happens on a specific date or during a specific period. This includes Events, Walks and Working Parties. For more details click the Events, Walks and Working Parties buttons.

Content pages address topics which are not time dependent for example this page. For more details click the Pages button.

The site Library is hierarchical set of pages. The Library is like a conventional library in that it holds information organised by category.  For more details click the Library button.

All Events, Walks, Working Parties, Static pages and the Library use a common metaphor which is the box file.


All Page Types

Box Files

A box file has a title, an optional cover and optional contents. In real life, the contents could be anything which could fit in the box. In the case of the website the contents can be the following.

  • Coordinator Details
  • Documents
  • Maps
  • Photographs
  • Car Shares 
  • Links
  • Meeting Points & Car Parks
  • Blogs

Events, Walks, Working Parties, Content pages and the Library all use this metaphor, however; the box contents is dependent upon the type of box file.

In addition to the title, cover and contents the box also has a life. The life determines when and where the box is displayed, if it is news worthy, if it has an associated emergency and finally when the box is deleted.


Box File Inside the box

Box Covers

The box cover is a text description and a set of images. Usually one image. In the case of the Library Box as you might expect the cover describes the contents of the box. However, in the case of content pages the box cover is the article you read on the page and there may not be any associated contents. For specifics on Walks, Events, Working Parties, Library Boxes and Content Pages click the buttons above. 

Box File Cover

Anatomy of a Box

Walks, Routes, Working Parties, Events, Library Boxes all have the same basic structure.

Section 1

The box title.

Section 2

These buttons provide links to other functionality. These are both depend upon the type of box and the role you perform. 

Section 3

The Box Cover and its images. Editing the images is accessed via the Cover Images button.

Section 4

The Box Contents this will vary dependent upon the type of box. This is discussed further in the following sections.

Section 5

The Box Life. This is discussed further in the following sections.

Section 6

This contains the Blog (not shown) and the image gallery. Members may upload images of the Walk, Event or Working Party here. They remain here for the retention period of the box.

 The edit the Box Cover or any of its Contents simply click the section title bar.

Box Anatomy

Box Life

The box life determines when and where the box is displayed, if it is news worthy and when it is deleted.


The News is a short headline which will appear in the News section of the Home page for a short duration. The Home page headline is linked to the box details view.


Is automatically calculated and determines if an article appears in the news section of the home page. If the News field contains some text and the current date is less than DisplayFirst plus two weeks then IsNews will be true.

An Emergency is a short sentence which will appear in the banner of every page until Display Last. It is for emergencies and last minute schedule changes. Use it sparingly.

Display First 

Display First determines when a box is first displayed to the public. Usually when a box is created Display First is set to tomorrow. This allows the editor to take a tea break without the risk of an unfinished article being published. Display First may be changed so an article can be published immediately or scheduled for a future date.

Display Last

A box will continue to be displayed in the main part of the website until Display Last. Display Last is depend upon the type of box. 

  • Walks: the day of the walk.
  • Routes: indefinitely.
  • Events: the last day of the event.
  • Working Parties: the day of the working party.
  • Library Boxes and Articles:  By default this is Display First plus three months although it may be changed. 


Retention is the duration the box is kept before it is deleted. This varies with the type of box and can be changed. During the retention period the box is only displayed in the library. Although there may be links from the Home page recent activities section. 

Deletion Date

The Deletion Date is the date when the box will be automatically deleted. It is calculated by Display Last plus the Retention period.


Tick the IsDeleted box if you wish to delete the item. If the IsDeleted box is ticked the item will not be displayed to the public and will be removed from the system in seven days. During this seven day period it may be undeleted by unticking the IsDeleted box.  


Walks, Working Parties and Events are not published until they have been reviewed. If the reviewer is happy then all that is required is to tick the Reviewed box. 

Hidden Boxes

A box will only display if the current date and time are between DisplayFirst and DisplayLast and IsDeleted is false and Reviewed is true. Remember to check these! Not all Life properties are applicable to every type of box. In such cases the property will be automatically assigned and will be greyed out so it cannot be updated.

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