Footpath Officer

Footpath Officer

Role type

  • Campaign

 Main purpose of the role

  • Contribute to walking opportunities in the Worcester area by working to protect and enhance the local rights of way network.

Personal Attributes

  • An interest in walking and the use of maps.
  • Enthusiasm for preserving and improving footpaths in the Worcester area.
  • Ability to liaise with other people involved in footpath maintenance and development in Worcestershire.
  • Computer literate.
  • An affinity with the charitable aims of the Ramblers.
  • Role holders should be familiar with the requirements within the Data Protection Act and use their best endeavours to satisfy them.

Specific Tasks

  • Keep informed of matters relating to rights of way in Worcestershire.
  • Assess and respond to proposals to change the path network.
  • Report footpath problems to the Worcestershire County Council and monitor progress and any action taken.
  • Encourage Worcester Group members to report footpath problems and give appropriate advice as required.
  • Collect evidence for the addition of paths to the definitive map and  defend the status of existing recorded paths.
  • Liaise with colleagues in neighbouring groups, the Worcestershire Area Footpath Secretary, the Worcestershire County Council, the Local Access Forum and other user groups.
  • Respond to relevant enquiries from members of the public.
  • Organise footpath surveys.
  • Report successful outcomes of footpath campaigns to Central Office of the Ramblers.
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