Maintenance Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips


  1. If you are not familiar with the Box File metaphor go and read the Introduction To Website Maintenance. The Box File concept is used throughout the website and is key to understanding how it works.
  2. Box Cover view and Box Contents view are two different views of the same thing. This is best demonstrated by Events. Look at how an Event is displayed in the Programme page then press the Event Details button. The Programme page view is the Box Cover, the details view is the Box Contents.
  3. The Box Cover view may display several Cover Images wheres the Box Contents view will only display the first Cover Image.


  1. Don't format your text using spaces and tabs it will not work! Use paragraphs, bullets etc.
  2. When pasting from some other documents or websites always paste Plain Text and then reformat the document using the editor tools. Failure to do this may introduce junk formatting or corrupt the article.


  1. Do not use links in the text they don't work. Add links to the Links section in Box Contents view. You may need to change your text to tell people where the link is.
  2. Use Links to provide direct links to other parts of the website such as:
    1. Contact Us
    2. Walks
    3. Events
    4. Articles
  3. For example a Winter Walks Event could link to all the individual walks and each Walk could link back to the Event.
  4. You can also add external links for example a pub menu.  


  1. If you want to include something very wordy you could upload it as a document.
  2. If you have an image of a menu, map etc this this should be loaded a Document and not an Image. If you upload it as cover image then you will have an inappropriate image on the Box Cover which may not be legible. If you upload it as a photograph then the image may appear in the Home page gallery. 


Display First & Last

The default values will work most of the time. However; if your want the item or article to persist for example help text remember to change DisplayLast. If you want an article to display immediately change DisplayFirst

Home Page News

If you want an Article, Event, Working Party or Walk to feature in the News section then go to the Article, Event, Working Party or Walk Life and enter a headline in the News field. Note it will only feature for two weeks after Display First. The news items are sorted by DisplayFirst. So if you want to manipulate the order of the news tweak Display First. 

Coordinators, Leaders and Contacts 

When an Event or Working Party is created by default the coordinator is the person currently holding that role. However; this can be changed or added to. Just click on the Coordinator section on Box Contents view. In cases where other people are involved but are not doing coordination for example the Treasurer you can add a link to Contact Us in the Links section of the Box Contents view. The same is also true for Walks. In the case of Articles related people are all Contacts so there is no need to use the Contact Us route.   

The Contact Us page is primarily used for committee contacts, however; it can be used for other purposes for example a common contact for a collection of walks such as the Cotswold Way. 


  1. If the dates are not fixed then tick the Provisional Date box in the Event Life.  
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