Social Events Coordinator

Uk and international holidays, group activities and social events.

Social Events Coordinator

Role type

Coordination of the Social Events Programme. 

Main purpose of the role

To promote engagement of the wider Worcester Group membership and to help to grow numbers by attracting new members and retaining existing members through the provision of a programme of social events and holidays. 

Personal Attributes

  • An interest in walking and enthusiasm for promoting the charitable aims of the Ramblers
  • Effective communication skills and good organisation
  • Good sense of fun
  • Computer literate, comfortable with the internet and word-processing.
  • Role holders should be familiar with the requirements within the Data Protection Act and use their best endeavours to satisfy them. 

Specific Tasks

To ensure an annual programme of social activities that is at least as comprehensive and impressive as the previous year’s programme.

This might be done by:

  • Canvassing existing members to identify what kind of social events would be of interest and supported e.g. pub nights;
  • skittle evenings; theme walks; weekends away walking; UK walking holidays; foreign walking holidays etc.
  • Identifying members who would be willing to organise such events
  • Supporting members who are organising such events
  • Coordinating and scheduling the programme of events throughout the year to ensure that major events such as foreign holidays or weeks away are spaced appropriately.
  • Documenting and publicising the programme on the Group website and within local media as appropriate
  • Evaluating events that have taken place
  • Liaising with the committee
  • Adhering to Ramblers’ policy / guidelines regarding advertising; funding; finance etc.

 Attendance and participation at Group committee meetings.

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