Worcester Group Chairman


Role type

  • Governance / Management / Facilitation

Main purpose of the role

To improve continually the Group’s membership and attractiveness through harnessing and channelling the talents and energy of members

To promote the interests of Group members by ensuring that discussion and decision-making in the Group are conducted in an efficient, friendly and inclusive manner. The Chairman’s approach to meetings needs to recognise both the voluntary commitment and responsibilities of the office-holders present as well as adhering to the democratic principles and constitution of the Group’s committee.

Personal Attributes

  • An ability to motivate and engage with fellow volunteers on the committee and throughout the Group and to encourage discussions in meetings
  • Well-organised and reliable
  • An ability to create an environment within which Group members will come forward and offer to contribute (e.g. role volunteers; lead walks)
  • Knowledge of the Group constitution and a commitment to the Ramblers democratic principles
  • A passion for walking and an affinity with all the charitable aims of the Ramblers
  • Familiarity with the requirements within the Data Protection Act and use of best endeavours to satisfy them

Specific Tasks

  • Organisation and execution of committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting, liaising with the Group Secretary.
  • Representing the Worcester Group at Ramblers Area committee meetings (quarterly)
  • Identifying and approaching potential volunteers for vacant Group roles
  • Communicating key information items to the membership
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