Role type

  • Governance / Management 

Main purpose of the role

To oversee the finances of the Group.  To complete the annual budgeting process and carry out ongoing accounting, feeding into the Group AGM and annual return to central office.  The Treasurer must ensure that the financial activities of the Group are directed towards the charitable objectives of the Ramblers as a whole.

Personal Attributes

  • An affinity with the charitable aims of the Ramblers.
  • A methodical and organised approach.
  • Numerate.
  • Computer literate – able to use internet banking – contactable by email.
  • A commitment to the need for transparency and accountability with charitable funds.
  • Role holders should be familiar with the requirements within the Data Protection Act and use their best endeavours to satisfy them.

Specific Tasks

  • Collecting and paying in money.
  • Recording receipts and payments in the cashbook.
  • Managing the online bank account.
  • Writing cheques.
  • File bank statements, invoices and receipts.
  • Attend committee meetings and reports on financial matters.
  • Completing the annual return.
  • Organise an independent examination of the accounts.
  • Present the annual accounts at the AGM.


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